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Wonderland Lifestyle Nursery is set in a cool, unhurried atmosphere.  This family destination has a sensational selection of indoor and outdoor plants, trees, garden furniture and stunning home decor to beautify both home and garden.

As we are environmentally friendly we have implemented a new hydroponic department to keep us within current trends.

Grab a light meal at Wonderland Cafe while the children  enjoy the safe play areas within the playpark.

We make your life more beautiful with the largest selection of earthy organics, elegant home decor, gorgeous garden furniture, flourishing indoor and outdoor plants.

We are now a Green Nursery. We run on Solar power and have inhouse experts to assist you with all your solarpower.

Beautify your home

We stock a wide range of home décor accessories, perfectly suited for your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Browse our shop for patio and garden furniture, wooden benches and bistro sets.

View our gorgeous cast aluminium range of outdoor furniture See more…

Our imported ceramic and local indoor and outdoor pots, contemporary and traditional Christmas decorations, modern glass vases, jugs and jars, silk flowers and candles, botanical inspired gardening gifts and ornaments make for exciting home decor shopping.

Indoor Containers

Modern, classical and traditional indoor containers from countries including China, Germany, Thailand and Malaysia are available from Wonderland Lifestyle Nursery throughout the whole year.

Whether your penchant is for terracotta or a glazed finish, square-shaped, round, rectangular or something truly unique, our selection affords you indoor gardening creativity second-to-none: from simple to elaborate, the possibilities are limitless.

There, versatility in adding instant colour – whether you choose individual indoor plants, mix-and-match varieties even succulents, orchids, silk plants and flowers, herbs and carniverous plants – means you can adapt your interior colourscape as the season changes. And of course they provide bold focal points to add to the design and architecture of your home and outdoor patio and balconies.

Indoor Plants

Foliage and flowering indoor pot plants, grown for their decorative leaves and flowers can last a long time in the home provided that they are properly cared for.

The practical uses are vast and varied, bringing a touch of nature into the indoor living environment.  Moreover, they are a practical and affordable way of transforming an ordinary home into a rich living oasis where tension and boredom are dispelled.

Houseplants improve the quality of air we breathe and this is proved by many studies. In the late ’80s, NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America studied indoor plants as a way to purify the air in space facilities.

Indoor plants like Spathyphyllum, flowering Chrysanthemums, Bamboo Palms, Dracaenas and Ficus varieties are available throughout the year and with the correct positioning in your home or office, not only provides interest but most importantly cleans the air we breathe in.

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