The Emporium is a great opportunity for small businesses to get the word out about their products. Not only will your merchandise be seen by a large number of shoppers at the show, but your name will also be listed on this website for up to a year with a link to your site or your email if you choose. Our booths are very affordable with rates listed below.  To find out more, contact us
First, read through this General Vendor Agreement applicable to all our markets so you’re up to speed on the requirements and expectations and such, then visit our applications page to apply!
 If accepted to the market means you will be bound under contract to the terms and agreements below.
Vendor Information & Agreements

Each vendor interested in selling with us will fill out an application form and then, if accepted, will work with WL Lifestyle Nursery to get their products into our store by signing a vendor agreement.

Consignment Agreement

Vendors will not pay any booth fees, but a 35% commission will be taken from each sale with the artist keeping 65%.

Wonderland Lifestyle Nursery will curate the store – meaning if accepted into the shop we will look at your product offering and decide which items we think will sell best. Not all products will be picked initially, but products we don’t select at first may be selected for future seasons.

Benefits of this option:

  • Low risk – There is no upfront cost to sell with us. If you don’ t sell, it costs you nothing. As such, it’s a great option for trying out a new product line. If your booth sells less that 20% of your stock in a month, we will contact you after 2 months to discuss the way forward
  • Cheaper than wholesale – You only pay a 35% commission, so you keep more of the retail price than if you sold wholesale.

If chosen you will be given a standard booth space or possibly a wall that contains shelves which must be setup/ decorated to our standard to ensure conformity.

You are required to provide any displays needed.

You are responsible for the setup and take down of your booth.

You may restock whenever and as often as you’d like.

Important information about vendor space:

Booth spaces will be limited. Accepted vintage sellers will be automatically given the booth option, if requested. Everyone else will be determined by how much space we need to fill in that category. (For example: if you sell bows you probably won’t get a the booth option. There are just too many vendors who sell bows and to be fair we would want to carry more than 1-2 brands).

Declined or discontinued vendors are more than welcome to reapply in the future. Some products do better during certain seasons.

Products, Prices and Inventory

A vendor ID will be assigned to you and emailed to you after acceptance.

Your products must be marked with your vendor ID and price in order to get credit for the sale.

We will inventory your products with us.

We require that every product delivery be inventoried by our staff at the time of drop off. We will complete an inventory sheet of our own and it will be signed by both you and us, indicating that we both agree the quantities on the sheet are correct.

At the end of the inventory period we will do a final inventory of the products we give back to you.

If at any point you deliver products and choose not to inventory them with our staff or you take some or all of your products for any reason (including sales at other locations and online) we can no longer pay based on inventory, as we will no longer have the ability to verify and track your inventory.

You are responsible for lost or stolen goods. We will continue to do our best to maintain a secure store. The store will have video surveillance and will be locked securely after hours.

You are responsible for your own insurance. Your stock will only be included in our general insurance that covers fire, acts of God, etc.

Setup & Product Drop off

Setup for the booth vendors will coordinated with us when accepted.

Product Drop off will occur ongoing during any of our open hours.

The following items are required at setup for booth vendors and product drop off for all other vendors. All items will be required in order to setup/drop off:

Consignment Agreement – Please review our Consignment Agreement. You will be required to sign the agreement at booth setup/product drop off.

Product Inventory – If you opt to inventory your products, we require that it be completed on our form, the quantities checked by our staff, and the form signed by you and our staff.

Any booth spaces not occupied by the setup deadline will be considered forfeited and will be offered to a vendor on our waitlist.


You are required to keep tabs on when to restock your booth, however we will also keep an eye on what needs restocking and let you know if we have time.

If you are bringing items for restock that cannot be carried in your arms, they must be brought through the rear loading dock. All other items may be brought through the front doors. Contact a staff member to arrange for the back doors to be unlocked for you.

Wonderland Lifestyle Nursery staff will do their best to keep your booth space tidy and restocked, but feel free to come back any time to do your own restocking and straightening.


We provide a central checkout for all vendors.

We will accept cash and all major credit cards.


All vendors accepted into the emporium will be granted 3 months in our store with reinstatement happening by review every 3 months to ensure that the booth is mutually financially viable.


You may be spotlighted on our website, and Facebook while your products are for sale in our store.

We encourage vendors to advertise through their own Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.


All vendors will receive payment by direct deposit for their net earnings, issued monthly.

Vendors will also receive a closing financial statement by email that will include sales quantities at every price point you use every month.


Consignment Agreement Fee

Vendors will not pay any booth fees, but a 35% commission will be taken from each sale going to Wonderland Lifestyle Nursery with the artist keeping 65%.

That’s 35% of gross sales. This fee is used to cover credit card processing, any discounts we choose to offer as promotions, and other expenses, along with our commission.

*This agreement is subject to change without notice.

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